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Basic Equine Energy Balancing  
The horses of every owner, trainer, and rider will benefit from the basic skills taught in this book. Energy balancing improves performance, encourages a sore or poorly functioning body to heal itself, and promotes the physical and mental well-being of horses.

Read what Dr. Douglas Hammill, DVM has to say about energy balancing

In this first book of the series, we meet the brother and sister pair Reed and Kate. Join them on their journey as they explore Leg-Up Stables with a new-found friend, learning horse skills and preparing for more adventures.

Reed and Kate learn to prepare for a horse show with old and new friends at the Leg-Up Stables. At the show, everyone gets valuable experience as horsemen and horsewomen, leaving with memories, ribbons, and excitement for the next show.

Reed and Kate join with several fellow riders/friends to take a full day trail ride into the wilderness. Join along as they learn how to work with their horses in this majestic environment.

Click on the book cover to find one page from this read- along coloring book that you can download and print. It will look really big on your screen but will be the right size for you to color.


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