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The reality of “an energy” associated with all beings has been recognized since antiquity, but the energy systems of living bodies have had little validation in science until recently. Pat young, as innovator and author, is a contemporary pioneer in adapting and refining energy balancing for horses.

As a veterinarian with 30 years experience, I believe the Basic Equine Energy Balancing workshop and book have helped me professionally. Pat presents Equine Energy Balancing as a technique you can quickly learn and use on your own horse. The body language of my own horses tells me that they experience increased range of motion, improved attitudes, and a general feeling of well-being after a treatment.

Pat’s intent is to have Equine Energy Balancing complement, not replace, any medical procedure. She clearly and ethically emphasizes not only the benefits of energy balancing, but also its limitations and what it “cannot do.”

Veterinarians today are fortunate to have a variety of additional therapies and therapists available that were unknown or unaccepted not so long ago. I’m referring to such modalities as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and now energy balancing. Thanks to these complementary healing arts, animals can be helped more fully.

What continues to be a challenge is for conventional, science-based, medical professionals to accept so called “alternative” methodologies. Part of the concern and resistance is fear that direct harm rather than benefit may result. In my opinion, this might be a legitimate concern for modalities such as chiropractic, but energy balancing does not rely on force or movement of any physical structure. The proper tap is surprisingly light, yet it sends a slight , tingling wave of vibration which dissipates blocked energy without danger or significant physical force.

Another medical community fear is that patients will be jeopardized if complementary procedures are used to the exclusion of conventional treatment. As a veterinarian I have little patience for those who belittle conventional medicine. Nor do I, as a student of energy balancing and other energy therapies, have respect for veterinarians or MD’s who remain uninformed and/or unaccepting of healing arts outside of their professional realm. In my opinion, the future of medicine will be for all disciplines to work together to create combinations of procedures that will maximize results for patients.

In summary, what Pat Young offers in Basic Equine Energy Balancing is invaluable as one of the tools horsemen should use to promote the health and comfort of their animals. Thanks, Pat, for your work with and commitment to horses. It is an inspiration to the rest of us!

Dr. Douglas Hammill, DVM


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