Reiki Training - Nurses, teachers, counselors, massage therapists and anyone who seeks to know this gentle and powerful healing tool can learn. It requires only the desire to do so. The original tradition of Reiki recognizes three levels of training:

SHODEN, the first level of training, is taught in a twelve-hour workshop in which students learn to give treatments, receive treatments and participate in energy transfers which reopen the healing channel and reawakens the students’ abilities to heal themselves and assist others in their healing process.

OKU DEN, the second level of training, is for those who have completed Shoden and choose to go more deeply within themselves and those with whom they work. Students receive and are initiated into ancient symbols for invoking greater healing at deeper levels and for healing through time and space.

REIKI MASTER, is about a profound commitment to this healing art and a desire to teach. The interested student chooses a Master or Masters to work with and their process is very individual.

The History of Reiki

The Usui System of Natural Healing is named after Mikao Usui, who rediscovered this ancient healing art in the 1800’s.
After years of intensive searching to discover and understand the phenomena of the healing miracle ascribed to Christ and Buddha, Dr. Usui found what he sought in ancient sutras. While he gained a level of knowledge assuring him such a healing was possible, he was unable to demonstrate its effect. Entering into a time of fasting and meditation, Dr. Usui spent 21 days in solitude searching for the power to heal.
At the conclusion of this time, he gained understanding and the power to heal. Based on his experience he developed The Usui System of Natural Healing known as Reiki. This he passed down to Dr. Chujiro, Hayashi, who opened a treatment center in Japan. During this time many Masters were trained, one being Hawayo Takata from Hawaii, who brought the art to the western world. Today, her granddaughter, Phyllis Furumoto, is honored as the Grand Master of Reiki.


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